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Fired up!

Finally got around procuring a pi3 and setup the Nextcloud Box! Getting this up and running was super fun and pretty straight forward.

The OS Image that was delivered with the box was built for the pi2. So I had to format the drive with Gparted and flashed the pi3 image with Etcher (One nifty piece of software!). Once the hardware was fired up, it just took care of itself. The web install was a 1-click setup.

Early this year as I initiated taking more control over my data, I also setup a Nextcloud server on the cloud. It’s been about eight months now and am thoroughly impressed with it. With the incredible iOS and android apps and the nifty client for linux I’m more than convinced the take this a step further and setup my personal home server.

Over the next few weeks as I tinker more with this, I need to make this a more robust setup and make full use of the snappy Ubuntu core.

Debugging and feeds

Realized today that a code fix that I had implemented sometime back, inadvertently introduced a minor bug in my workflow. Will have to get around fixing this sometime later this week.

On another note, I decided to temporarily suspend my self-hosted freshRSS installation and moved my feeds to The Old Reader. Currently I don’t see a huge benefit of self hosting it unless I’m able to implement responding directly from that interface.

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Philip, I dynamically add the ‘Liked:’ and ‘Replied to:’ phrase to the title of the post using some crude code in my back-end. Essentially, I use a couple of workflows to fetch the link/article details and then add the markup et al using a custom functions in my wp install. Would be more than happy to share them if you’re interested in taking a look.

Also I noticed your posts are not marked up with microformats for like and replies. The Indieweb PressThis bookmarklet should ideally add the necessary microformat markup to your posts. For some reason, It doesn’t seem to be doing so. I’ll take a look later today to see what’s transpiring there.

Depending on your publishing preference there are a few other alternatives. Not sure if you’ve explored these already:

  • Quill : Aaron’s posting interface works great on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Omnibear : Keith’s Chrome bookmarklet
  • Using the Bookmarklet Free or URL Forwarder apps on android and tweaking the settings mentioned in one of Chris Aldrich’s notes
  • The WordPress plugin developed by Colin Walker which coupled with his workflows could be used to post from an apple device.

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That previous post was an attempt to “like” this post using IndieWeb Press This. I’d used the tool successfully earlier, but this time I didn’t see the “Liked:” prefix on the post (and I don’t see the “Reply:” prefix on this one).

Replied to:Indieweb for Journalism

Thanks for setting this up, Chris! Some interesting plugins out there on the WP front.

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I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while, but I’ve finally started a stub in the Indieweb wiki for the topic . There is a rapidly growing group of writers and journalists who have been joining the Indieweb movement, and it’s long overdue to create a list of resources specific to the topic to help out ourselves and others in the future.

Squashing the bug

Squashed a minor bug in my code for ‘favorite’ posts. The post wasn’t getting marked up with Microformats when the content (response) was blank.

The way it’s currently setup, I have just one workflow for all ‘types’ of post (podcast, reply, like, repost, bookmark, read etc.) and looks like I missed a logic flow that ‘like’ posts may not necessarily have a note from me. A quick conditional check and the workflow works like a charm!

Workflow logic

While responding to one of Tantek’s post today I realized I had to tweak my publishing workflow to pick ‘the’ link I was responding to.

Should possibly consider using Colin’s Dom method to fetch article meta…

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Wow, didn’t realize this was 12 years in the making! Hats off for all the efforts!

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🎂 turned 12 today! This year: active community members are blogging on


Testing out a very primitive form of webactions. If the code works the way it runs in my mind, twitter specific response buttons should show up below this text! Need to spend more time later to add markup for indie-action.


Need to figure out why certain #webmentions from my site are being sent as anonymous. Adding that to my ever expanding list of to-do’s.

Since I started tweaking my portal and started getting deeper into the code, there’s been a constant fire in my brain to further tweak and tinker with things. This is addictive!


As planned a few days back, I rewrote some back-end code to minimize the dependency on the workflow app and better integrate with direct desktop publishing. But for a  few isolated kinks, this should be set. This should now give me more flexibility to post from indie publishing platforms and set the stage for other enhancements.

Tweaks and squeaks

Strongly considering setting up an updated workflow to publish from my mobile device. Currently chunk of the processing is handled by and within the ‘workflow’ app. Should probably move those controls from the app over to a custom function for better flexibility. This long weekend should be a good timeframe to get the wheels rolling.

Also the workflow app seems to be picking up an additional variable – calshow in urls from posts that are responses. Need to figure out what’s churning there!

Response to Colin’s post

I really like your ‘how-to’ getting plugged posts, Colin! Always something to glean!
Most of the improvisations I make on my site have been pretty crude – I dice the meat in an mu-plugin (essentially a custom functions file) and leave it at that. I really need to work on better documenting or standardizing my code.

Getting plugged in – part 5: settings

What started as a quick update to split the plugin into parts (so that it wasn’t all one monolithic file) became quite a major one. My original plan was to move both hooks for updating the post content to separate included files – it hasn’t quite gone according to plan.


Building on yesterday’s work, I went ahead and setup some code to better display post responses. This website now supports facepiles! There’s a bit of work left in terms of design and visual appeal but I guess most part of the job is done!

Or, shall we?

Spent sometime today troubleshooting two pesky issues.

Having switched to a new theme I realized my publishing workflow wasn’t fetching comments from Instagram posts. The Dsgnwrks plugin was fetching the images fine.  But since I’d missed adding the syndication link for to work its magic, the comments were not being back fed. This should be an easy fix. Probably I’ll use the custom fields that dsgnwrks creates and update syndication links field using  a quick custom function.

The second issue was that the new theme wasn’t displaying webmentions. What should have been a quick fix, took me some time to figure out that the comment block was only being called if there were any ‘comment’ type comments. Quickly added an ‘or’ to check for ‘webmention’ type comments too and that was set. One of those pesky ‘must have caught earlier’ issues!

Now that these have been sorted out, I’ll probably work on displaying these ‘likes’ as facepiles.

Indieweb adoption – how does a new way spread?

Likes: Indieweb adoption – how does a new way spread?