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Who says Wine ain’t smooth!!!

Just installed WIne on Ubuntu a few minutes back. Installed a couple of other windows based softwares too! Now they really work πŸ™‚ . Haggard installations are now things of the past. Probably it’s time I move over to something more challenging.

Ahaieeen hoon!

A 3 month Karate class is going to be held in campus starting Feb 1st.Β  Given my ambidextrousΒ  flexibility and reflexive fists I would have made a wonderful karate kid ( ahemΒ  ahem … Professional πŸ™‚ ). How I wish I could join it ! Had I not payed the 3 grand for my French classes I would have as well been into this. Anyways, gotta see if I can talk with the coach and join a month late. Amends can be made ! πŸ™‚

The Rainmaker

For some reason of late, I take quite some time to read novels. How gripping it is really doesn’t matter. I finish a chapter or two and set it aside. Probably it’s just about rekindling that thrill to get back to it later for the next read πŸ˜‰ !

I just finished reading a very oldΒ  novel of John Grisham – The Rainmaker. One of his best writings, I would say. It’s about a law student by name Rudy Baylor fighting against a big time Insurance Company for it’s insensitiveness to one of its well deserving insuree. Just having passed the bar, this is one of his first few cases. To make things worse, Great Benefit – the insurance firm deploys a reputed lawyer to fight for them. Things get murky as days pass, making him wonder if at all he did the right choice in running up with the case. Amidst all this, he happens to meet a female Kelly , who’s tortured by her husband, in a hospital where he’s scouting for more cases. This is where the rafu chakkar starts πŸ™‚ ! After a long tedious trial, he finally manages to win the suit for his client in a flamboyant manner but the irony is that the parent company of Great Benefit manages to wash it’s hands off leading to Great Benefit’s bankruptcy. Neither Baylor nor his client get what they’re legally bound to. Vexed with how things turned out he leaves Memphis and Law for good with Kelly!

The way Grisham brings about the story is just fabulous! The courtroom trials , the emotions that he evokes and for the most part of itΒ  the determination of Baylor that he consistently loops in, is just great. Definitely a great read!

His latest book – The Appeal seems to be as much promising. Let’s see if i can lay my hands on it sometime this week.


There’s this site that my bro suggested me to visit. It’s a beautiful collection of videos of speeches of prominent people from the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design. Really Inspiring and interesting. The best part is that you can even download them to your desktop! Do have a peek. Hat’s off to BMW to bring this about!

Here’s the link

R.I.P while we U.I.M!!

I hate blogging about ‘people’s demise’ on my blog! Just couldn’t help this.

β€œVeteran Congress leader and Khairtabad MLA, Mr P. Janardhan Reddy, died of a massive cardiac arrest here on Friday. He was 59 and leaves behind his wife, Sulochana, four daughters and a son. The funeral will be conducted with State honours at Amberpet on Saturday. A mass leader, Janardhan Reddy held sway over city politics for nearly three decades. His sudden death was a shock to the people of the city.

The news of his sudden death was relayed to the GHCC meeting by Congress MP, V. Hanumantha Rao. The meeting was then stopped. His family members including son, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, rushed to the hospital and cried inconsolably. The popular leader’s supporters too broke down and beat their chests raising the slogan,”PJR Amar Hai. ”

source: and

May his soul R.I.P!

The interesting part is that we have a quasi strike here on the roads of Hyderabad! Most of the shops , even petty footpath ones have been compelled to bring down shutters. Banks, Medical shops et al! How silly can people get?

Agreed his supporters are deeply mourned by his death. I would be too, HAD i known about him and his services. But what is the point in bringing down day to day activities in the city just because their leader has expired. This guy popped because of a natural cause. No one shot him , It wasn’t an attempted murder, It wasn’t a suicide. The docs have verified it to be due to cardiac arrest and still, we have this wonderful , sincere, coveted, devoted, true Hyderabadi followers display their misery by rampaging on the streets. True CITIZENS that they are. Huh! Ah! Did I tell you that my Aunt actually found a couple of Ayyappa devotees arguing with a Bank Manager to close the bank for the day?

I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s News paper headlines. The congress is gonna blame BJP for not arranging proper facilities , not giving him due respect.. blah blah blah.The BJP is gonna refute the statements. His son is gonna join the fray. Contest for the next elections, Get sympathy votes. Wins it , becomes the people’s man and we know what follows !

Wonder what would be the state of affairs had he been assasinated!!

AdVentura – Bangalore

There’s this wonderful group called Adventura for adventure freaks that operates from Bangalore. So if you are into trekking and stuff and stay somewhere near bangalore it’s high time you enroll yourself in this group. They arrange treks in and around Bangalore almost every weekend. Even if you haven’t really been on a trek and are pretty much a novice, you can still enroll yourself. Each trek outing is classified as Beginners, Intermediate and the like and I believe they’ve got gears for beginners too.

Join the following group to enroll yourself: [email protected]<dot>com

I haven’t really been there out with them as I’d been in Bangalore only for a brief span of three months and odd. I wonder why we don’t have any such active group here in Hyderabad. Or do we?

A couple of my friends and I plan to start one. Nothing has materialized though. Shall let you know in case anything props up.

Gutsy Gibbon 7.1O – Ubuntu

Finally, Installed Gutsy on my system today! :-)After failed attempts to install it last weekend, I was a bit apprehensive this time. But today, two minutes into the install I realized where I was faltering. I’d created four partitions on my Hard disk of 30 Gigs each for Windows. Fiesty was running on the remaining 40Gigs. Last week during the installation I’d configured the setup to create a Primary ext3 partition instead of making it a logical one.That was what was leading the setup to freeze! Surprisingly I was never warned during the initial stages. Anyways, I fortunately happened to notice the goof up this time and then the rest of the Installation was a breeze! Flat 10 minutes and I had Gutsy live and kicking! πŸ™‚

The first thing I’d looked for after logging in was to check out the classy desktop effects that Gutsy comes bundled with. But to my dismay the OS threw up messages telling me Advanced Desktop effects could not be configured. It didn’t even specify the cause. A bit of Googling brought out the hidden mite – My Hardware settings were blacklisted since it couldn’t support both video rendering and classy desktop effects at the same time. But then I just wanted to find a workaround to get things working. Finally I happened to find one in the Ubuntu Forums itself. All I had to do was to deactivate the Hardware config. check that Compiz by default does when initiated. This could be done by running the following command in the terminal.

mkdir -p ~/.config/compiz/ && echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes >> ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager

Once that roadblock had been dealt with I only had to install the Gnome Compiz manager through the Synaptic package manager. Synaptic installs are cakewalks. All relevant dependencies get installed and broken installations are pretty rare. Installation of the Compiz manager led to the creation of a Preferences tab in the Advanced Desktop settings. This is where real FUN starts. A bit of tweaking and you have your desktop at your whims! I’ll probably let the pictures do the talking!

The Workaround explicitly mentions that crashes are prone to occur if both video and Advanced Desktop settings are run at the same time. So keep in mind to get back to the default settings when you plan to watch videos on your Gutsy. A pain but still worth it! πŸ™‚

There’s still a lot more to explore ( or should i say exploit πŸ™‚ ) . Will get back if I happen to find something interesting!

Auto drivers…

I picked an auto today to get back home from Vidyanagar. Was really tired and was in no mood to get back hanging in those RTC buses. I randomly stopped an auto and got into it. The driver had his son by his side. They were having muffled conversations and I just couldn’t help not listening. His wife was terminally ill and things were really getting worse. They didn’t have money to pay hospital bills and that’s the reason why he’s still driving people to their destinations just to earn some money to make ends meet. What was more touching was half way through the driver started singing songs loudly to cheer up the kid! It was probably a way of giving vent to his emotions. What else could he do!

Today I realized, there’s a lot that we get to learn from these people. Busy in our own world all that we’re bothered of is about the fare that they charge us. None of us ever try to get into their shoes and understand the reason for their demand. Driving is their only means of livelihood and it’s business for them. Something that their family depends upon. Moreover the onus is higher since they are more or less on a lower rung economically. I don’t mean to say just pay what he’s asking for. It’s a different case if he’s demanding exuberant amounts, But why squabble for a few rupees? It wouldn’t do you any good but then it could mean a world of a difference to him!!

Just hoping his wife gets well soon!

The Cow and I!

Ghai hamari mataa hai. Ghai shaakahaari jaanvar hai. Ghai ghaas-phoos khati hai. Ghai doodh deti hai. Ghai khali ya safed rang hoti hai…


I still remember that wonderful essay I’d written as a test to gain admission to Sandeepam Vidhyalaya! I was reminded of this episode today during my French class session. We were asked to write a short composition using a couple of basic sentences on some famous personality and even before I could pool in the Je’s, Il’s, fait’s, suis et al, my thoughts started drifting back to that particular day 10 years back.

My bro and I were in Johnson Grammar High School, an ICSE board school till my fifth grade. It was a common belief that syllabus in Math was much better in SSC schools when compared to ICSE ones and since my bro was in his seventh by then, people in my family wanted him to shift over to the state syllabus By default I had to tag along as no one ever trusted me, thanks to my consistent flunking in quite a few papers. But for Math, English and Biology, I barely managed to pass other subjects. The moment I got to know I’d have to write an admission test to gain an entry into the school I was all tears! They wanted to test my hindi. Something that I was extremely bad at then πŸ™‚ .


Mom , Bro and I went over the Princi’s office. My cousin who was then studying in that school introduced us to her. Both of us were asked to go into separate rooms. I was given a paper and asked to write a composition on ‘Gomaatha-The cow’. This was one standard composition that I’d been learning by rote for quite sometime in JGHS. Nevertheless, my written hindi was pathetic! Real pathetic! Bharathi Miss , the then Vice Princi evaluated my sheets right in front of me. I still remember that ‘WTH!’ reaction on her face when she was skimming through my composition. πŸ™‚ . I was half expecting to get rejected and I wanted to in fact. The very thought of meeting new people, getting accustomed to a new environment and all that was no way close to appealing. All I wanted was to get back to the 5th bench of class VI-A the next day. But unfortunately Bharathi’s mind worked the other way round – If my bro was intelligent , there’s a high probability that his sibling would do just the same with some help. How could SVHS afford to lose such brilliant students? They’re in!. She comes out and tells my mom that though my Hindi was real bad, I’d be given admission. My bro’s admission stays granted without any hitches.


Under the persistent guidance of my Hindi teacher Mrs Sahani, I got a decent command on the language . Things slowly changed for good and I surprisingly started performing well. All thanks to the Cow! πŸ™‚


At times, I wonder how some incidents just get etched in your memory!!



The other day, I was watching a video of my nephew’s naming ceremony happening at Baltimore. All was fine but for the way the priest was reciting the mantras. I bet I could recite it better than him! It makes me think at times, how pathetic todays religious system in India is. Everything boils down to money! I very much know how important liquid cash is, but then one is at least supposed to do justice to what he’s doing. I’ve seen quite a few ceremonies happening at my own house . Years before, I remember pujas were performed in depth and at times lasted till the evening. But now it’s all done in a just an hour.The pujari gets a zillion calls amidst the ritual and he attends it with all pleasure handing over the reins to his secretary (I really don’t mind using that word).

I learnt the vedas for almost a year and I really did enjoy reading it. This was during my first year of engineering. What I was interested then was not in what I was saying, it was the way in which it was recited that lured me to it. The rhythmic rise and fall of the sloka with regulated breath and the chorus that reverberated through the room was just heavenly. I was and am still an Atheist. But still I did try to find the meaning of what I was actually reciting. The Guru’s reply was this, some things are just not to be understood or are beyond comprehension. Something that I still cannot digest! The only reason I respect him is for his mastery over the recital of the slokas and the way he expresses it.

There’s always a fine line between Doing what one believes in and Believing what one’s doing. It’s a matter of how you take it. It’s been almost seven years that I haven’t been to a place of worship. I see no reason why I have to. Even if I’ve been, when compelled by a couple of my friends, I’ve experienced no sense of relaxed atmosphere in the ambience. In fact there’s not one moment in the last seven years that I really felt like going to the place for clearing my conscience or relieving my tensions.

What I don’t understand is if people believe so much in rushing to a temple to relax and pray before pushing off to their office; doing that ceremonious action with their hands when they come across a religious place while travelling in a vehicle or just drop by once a while, why don’t they do it the way the seers claim it has to be done? And if you tell me time is the factor. Please.. give me a break! If I though being an atheist, can recite a few slokas much better than quite a few people; can find time to ( if I want to that is!) go to spend some quality time at the place, why can’t you spend some time to do things the way it is to be righteously done?

P.S: These are just my thoughts and I have no intentions to hurt your religious sentiments. In no way am I trying to influence the way you think or trying to put someone down or some religion down. It’s the least of my business to do it!


Two weeks and counting! πŸ™‚

I’ve got Ubuntu and Microsoft Xp installed on my system with dual boot configured. Still I haven’t logged into Windows for two weeks! The moment I’m in front of my desktop once I’m back from office, It’s Grub> modprobe> Ubuntu. I care a damn about windows now.

Last year connectivity and mouse issues held me up from shifting to Linux . Everything’s resolved now. Xp actually looks cheap dirt after two weeks of Ubuntu πŸ™‚ .I’ve got Fiesty fawn for now and soon it’s gonna be Gutsy Gibbon! From a layman’s point of view, I’d say Fiesty is somewhere midway between XP and Vista. I’ve Heard exceptional reviews on Gutsy Gibbon. So i think it’s high time I say Good Bye to Windows!

A few snapshots of my desktop..

Why should you purchase something when you can get a better one for free? Why should you pay or use a pirated copy when you can get the equivalent features without paying a dime? Help yourselves! Shift to Open Source.

Guys stop getting pirated copies! Help Microsoft! πŸ˜‰


This has been my best b’day till date!

It all started with Ridhimma calling at about 10:00 pm yesterday and telling she won’t be able to keep herself awake till 12! given the fact that she’s down with severe fever. So sweet of her to remember my birthday despite her illness! Rakesh up there from Houston pings me at about 12 in the night and wishes me. Poor chap is still cramming for some of his tests πŸ™‚ ! Suysh pings just around the same time, wishes me and then threatens me for a party though she herself owes me one πŸ™‚Β  ! Calvin all set to get screwed in his Generic Compre soon falls in tow. Later today, I get to know he’s done decently well! Good for him! πŸ™‚

At about 5:30 in the morning, Dad wakes me up and literally kicks me reminding me it’s my b’day. πŸ™‚ Moments before I leave to Office, I get a call from my bhabhi. I ‘d been longing to hear my kiddo niece Ananya talk, and here she’s up in her shrill voice saying ‘Happy b’day Chikku chaachu’. Could I ask for anything else? There’s something more special today. My bro’s got his US citizenship!! 12th Dec, seems to be a lucky day for the family. πŸ™‚ A few minutes later, Aparna calls and while my nephew Raaghuv sings me a beautiful Birthday song, Divyaa reluctantly toddles away in her typical wobble walk! πŸ™‚

Morning, at the office the first mail I get to see is a mail from the IHL Team wishing me! I regret not taking any sweets for folks out there. To add fuel to fire, I get to hear Kishore has just sent out a mail to the IHL Team authorizing every single person to have his share of sweets from his cabin. Don’t blame him for that. The moment they get to know it’s my b’day too, all eyes prop towards my cubicle.Believe me! It was one of those very embarassing moments. My cell starts vibrating the very moment I hang up a call. Feels great to be on demand for at least one day πŸ™‚ !

Evening at about 4:00 Kishore , Shobna and I are invited to cut three cakes in front of the whole IHL team. At the end, each of us is given a greeting card signed by people known and unknown wishing us all luck. The moment I get back home dad tells me I’ve got a gift from some unknown person- A beautiful cake and a Wonderful Executive bag . With no address on the gift parcel I presume it’s from my Bro n Sis out there in the US.

A few minutes later Jasleen calls. She’s got a request. She wants to sing a song – the b’day song. Was real fun to hear a colleague sing a B’day song and that too on the phone! Boy, It’s been ages that I’ve had such an experience. The calls still continue. Pranesh calls and he gives me the news that finally he’s made it to Infy after a long long wait! Sonal wishes her Guruji ( still wonder why she calls me that! πŸ™‚ ) . Praveen’s next on line. Says he’s cleared the L&T training and now into .NET! Collin and Abhi ping me and let me know that they’d be soon coming down to my place. Kranthi, Thops, Doma and Pradeep join them too. They get a wonderful cake. This is the third cake that’d I’d be cutting today! πŸ™‚ We hang around for quite some time and finally they leave at about 9:00pm. I check my orkut profile then. It’s been almost half an hour that I’ve started thanking people for their wishes but the list still doesn’t seem to come to an end. Parallely the calls continue… πŸ™‚

It’s been such a great day all through! Just wanted to thank all of you for having remembered my b’day and for having made it really interesting.

The way dogs think..

There are a few things that are just beyond your control, those innumerable instances when the sub conscious brain takes over the reins. With time the human brain gets so well accustomed to the intermittent loss of control that it fails to track those transitions. But the moment the transition is sensed you get so wary of the happenings, that you catch yourself doing things with extra care. Something that was mundane suddenly gets thrilling for no reason at all and at times you wonder why at all it’s happening in the first place!

They’ve been quite a few instances when I’ve caught myself failing to understand why I’ve gone to a certain place without any reason and times when I fail to remember why I’ve been to the place. But the moment I’m back to the place where I’ve started from, I realize why I had to be there. That makes me ponder if the occurrence of an activity has got something related to the status of mind at a particular location when you were reminded of initiating it. Why else would you suddenly recollect what has to be done when you get back to that location? It could probably be that, that the ambience in some intricate manner influences your flow of thoughts and hence in a way deems to serve as a backup resource in case you fail to recollect why and what you are supposed to be doing. Your sub-conscious mind relates the ambience, the thought process and the activity and tries to form a coherent relationship and when that fails, you’re lost.

On the other hand, there’s always this repulsive quotient that comes into effect intermittently. For instance of late, while browsing I tend to press the F3 key to get to the previous page and not the backspace, just because I’ve got accustomed to using the F3 key to get back to a previous screen in mainframes. So is it in the case of Pg Up and Pg Down. I sit on the chair when I get back home before my comp. first thing I tend to do is to lower my right hand trying to adjust the seat. The chair doesn’t even have an adjust knob! Only when I realize that the intended activity isn’t occurring does it strike me that I’ve got to change my flow of thoughts and thus my actions. Adaptability of the human brain huh! Dogs fare much better!

Somethings go better unexplained!

The girl by the window!

I leave home by around 7am to work by bus everyday. It’s about an hours drive from my place and I tend to calculate how early or how late I am based on the relative presence or occurrence of other regular happenings around me. The bus gets to the outskirts by crossing a few posh areas in the city so it’s quite common to see International school buses drive past you. There’s this particular bus that I get to notice almost everyday about 100 yards from the Hitec city building. It’s not the bus that catches my attention. It’s a girl sitting by the third window in the bus.

The first day I notice her she’s on a call with someone. The second day I see her, she’s still with that sleek jazzy cell phone. I unfortunately doze the next two days. Yesterday I managed to wake just in time and boy what do i see! She’s again busy talking with someone. Now, I really start wondering what’s wrong with her. All the Kids in the bus are hopping around. She’s the only female who’s dwelling in her own world. She’s probably just in her tenth. I’m least bothered whom she’s talking to but then something definitely seems to be out of place. Even before I get a good look at her, the bus zips across. Today morning I try staying awake just to have that quick look at her. This time it so happens that both our buses move in sync, I afford a quick turn to my left at the right moment and look ahead. It is then that something registers in my mind. Wait! Something is really wrong! I turn to my left again and observe a bit more keenly. Painting!!! That was a damn art work on the third window! 😯

It wasn’t a girl after all. Just one wholesome, beautiful, artistic work of someone really skilled! I still have no clue why an International school bus should have an artwork of a girl, that too with a cellphone on just one of it’s windows. It did keep me smiling all day through though! πŸ™‚


Should have posted this quite some time back but for some reason or the other I’ve sort of procrastinated it.

I’d been to a place called Sangam a few weeks back when I was in Bang’lore. Next time you visit Bangalore,make it a point to visit this spot. It’s about 80 kms from the main city and believe me after having gone that far, you wont regret your decision! Sangam is in the Kanakapura district and is the confluence of the Cauvery River and the Arkavathi river in Karnataka. The river in its southward bound flow sqeezes down through a narrow gorge to reveal a breathtaking sight. The thundering sound of water and the sight of it gushing down in all might is something that I’d never forget! . This place where the river passes through the rocks is called the Mekhedatu. (The reason for it being called so still intrigues me. Mekhedaatu in kannada, literally translates to ‘Goat jump’ . Though the rocks were pretty close , A goat definitely couldn’t have jumped across the gorge. Anyways, names are names! πŸ™‚ ) .

The road to this spot is a winding path through the scenic rural parts of Kaarnataka. You need to take a turn somewhere at the end of the Kanakapura town and navigate through the narrow paths. You’d come across several villages en route Sangam. Most of these villagers eke out their living by adopting sericulture. You get to find silkworms being bred in almost every house!! Once you reach Sangam, you need to take a boat ride to the other bank to get to Mekhedaatu. ( I heard people could walk across to the other bank by easily wading across the waters of the Arkavathi river dueing off seasons! ) . The boats used for ferrying, are not like the normal boats. These are circular in shape and their base is layered with Tar to keep it afloat. A guy ferries you across to the other side of the river for about forty bucks. Midway he swirls the coracle a couple of times giving you those few enchanting, thrilling moments of drowning! πŸ™‚ . A bus worthy of being sold as an antic awaits you on the other bank! Pay him another 40 bucks for a rickety ride down the kuccha road to Mekhedaatu. Oh did I mention? The bus has got no headlights . The route is mesmerizing and the driver leaves no stone unturned to make the ride less comfortable! A few things are always good the bad way-You’d remember it for a lifetime πŸ™‚ !

Once you reach the spot where the bus can no longer move forward, you’re supposed to walk down a narrow rocky path. A turn round the corner and you get to know what exactly nature is!! I bet you’d never want to get back from there! The magnanimous force with which the water gushes through the gorge has led to the rocks to have developed extremely deep pits in the surroundings! One wrong step and you’d go up all the way to Heaven in all pristine glory! πŸ™‚ .

Who says trips need to be well planned? I’m pretty sure had we chalked out a plan and pre decided everything we wouldn’t have enjoyed as much! Weekends back in Infy bangalore were pretty somber. But for the visits to the labs and probably a shuttle to the city now and then, most of the days were spent lazing in the rooms. Probably all this drove us to nuts to such a large extent that we suddenly started planning a trip to Coorg. But then other folks out here wanted to go to a place that was close by to avoid getting really tired by the time they get back on the Sunday evening. So we decided to go to Nandi Hills. Why we cornered on Nandi Hills, we still don’t know but where we ended up going turned out to be a stupendous location.

For no apparent reason, the Java stream trainees invariably have a test every monday. So most of their weekends were as such spoilt. Fortunately the last weekend was one of those lucky ‘ends when both the streams, Java and Mainframes were relatively free. But then it was already a friday and we had no much time to chalk out a plan and do things meticulously. About 20 of us were game for a trip to Nandi hills. None of us had been there before but we’d heard sunrise thers was just great!

We’d arranged a Mazda for the next day and planned to leave at about four in the morning to be there on time to watch the Sunrise. We fell for the assurance given by the Travels guy and were all ready by 3:30am before Gate 6. This was where we were supposed to wait for the Mazda. But as things would go, there was someone who wanted to doze in glory that fine morning and Unfortunately it happened to be that heavenly soul who had to sit behind the wheel and drive us to the hills! That screwed nut ended up at Gate 6 only at around 5:30 am πŸ™ !! We had to settle down for a sunrise view on a section of NH7 and kept moving towards Nandi Hills. The way up the hills is very narrow and given the ghat description, is pretty dangerous. A couple of us hopped on to the roof top of the Mazda. There are very few things more thrilling than sitting atop a vehicle roof when driving uphill a ghat πŸ™‚ ! We Reached Nandi Hills about 7:00am and kept hopping by and posing for snaps on rocks labelled ‘DANGER’ ! πŸ™‚ . Nandi Hills is no wonder a scenic spot, but then I’ve been to quite a few places at high altitude and probably because I had extremely high expectations on Nandi Hills, I failed to really take in the scenic view of the place. By 10:00 am most of us were sort of bored being in the same place. People were of the opinion we’d get back to the city and while away time. It was already 12:00 before people came to a consensus . This was when fortunately Shubz came up with the Idea of going to Sangam! Had a sumptuous lunch in a Roadside Dhabha and defying the drivers requests not to travel that far, we got to sangam by around 5:00pm. We Couldn’t spend much time at Mekhedaatu because we had to get back to the boat ferry before dusk for fear of travelling in a bus with no headlights!! We managed to leave Sangam by around 7:00pm . The way back to ECC was pretty long. With all energy exhausted none of us were in mood to chat. Not one of us spoke even while having dinner!!

You’d find a couple of pics of the outing in my flickr. Got to upload others. Will do that when I manage to find some more time.