Return visit

Seward Johnson’s – Return visit A quick weekend trip to Chicago to meet Neeraj and Kanu. Took this opportunity to explore Chicago a bit. Chicago downtown felt like an eclectic mix of Boston and NYC. Spent some time walking around the city on Saturday covering the regular spots leading up to Navy pier and back.…

The arboretum weekend

One of those weekends when you’re dead tired and relaxed at the same time. What was to be a low-key no activity weekend; turned out to be packed with a ton of impromptu events.

Saturday was probably our most ‘touristic’ day so far in Boston. Miss Me bought a couple of Groupon passes to the Mapparium some days back. On Friday we realised those were expiring soon and decided to head there this weekend. Two other places – The USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill monument have been on our list for quite sometime now. So Miss Me packaged these all together and chalked out a quick plan early on Saturday morning.

Weekender – 04/09

Watched a live Ballet performance at the Strand theater.  My first ever and mesmerizing to say the least! Was a bit skeptical when I got to know the theater was in Dorchester. Nevertheless, was pleasantly surprised as we walked to the theater from the station. Some areas reminded me of the lesser populated areas in NYC. Decided to uber our way back home. Another first! Uberized, Eh? Friday, also happened to be the Telugu New Year. Some delicious re-servings of Mango dal at a friend’s place to kick-start the weekend.