A neat 7 miler to the yoga studio. Miss Me wanted to try out a new dish at Veggie galaxy. Slow but steady pace. Was so looking forward to the fries and apple cider!


Was supposed to run a 6 miler today. Long day at work. Asked Miss me to come over to the reservoir. Initial plan was to walk it out. The shin pain in the left foot has become a cause of concern. Decided to take it easy for the day and head home. Gave it a…


A good 8mile run from the yoga studio to home. Clocked about 01:25. As I was waiting at a signal near BWH a fellow runner who looked pretty shaken asked if she could tag along for a few blocks. Apparently some random guy on the road pushed her on to the wall and tried molesting…


7ish miles on the regular VFW route. Had a ‘blah’ start but looked like I was doing a great pace. Probably getting back on the road after a week on the treadmill was a good push. Niggling shin pain, no cramps. No coyote sightings!


A mile on the roads in the morning. Stretches of sidewalks still icy. Decided to head back home. Clocked 8 on the treadmill later in the evening at the Y right after work. Miss Me ended up rowing for sometime, after quite sometime!



Signing off the 53 mile week with a 3hr, 15mile run on the treadmill. The weather looks promising for the next week. Hoping the snow melts down over the next few days. Can’t wait to get back to the trails and dirt roads.



13.5 miles on the treadmill at the Y. Let’s check that off as the first half for this month and my first ever on a treadmill. Was obviously NOT fun. The weather out was in the balmy lower 50s. Initial plan was to finally get some miles out in the trails at Hale Reservation. With…


Another 6miles in the evening followed by a two and a half hour Shiatsu massage with Miss Me. The massage was probably more demanding than the run. Some exceptional stretches though. Over time I’m realizing how important and relaxing these stretches could be. I believe they’ve also been heavily responsible for my injury free runs…


6 miles at the Y in an hour. Not bad. Looks like I’m slowly defaulting to my 10 minute miles. Initially planned to run in the morning. Guess I was way too fatigued to get up. Also looks like last nights 8 mile run hit me hard. Work, Study and other Misc. things seem to…


8 miles at blast fitness while Miss Me was teaching her yoga class. Knocked it in 1.5hrs. 2.8, 2.6, 2.6 splits. Probably the dad(?) training his kid was entertaining enough!


5 miles at the Y and 5 miles later in the evening on the road. Couldn’t fit in the planned swim session after the morning run. Snowy/icy sidewalks led to a slower run.


10 miles on the treadmill. Longest distance so far. Not that bad, after all. Looks like I’m getting used to the treadmill much quicker than anticipated. The target was 15 though. Will hopefully play catchup over the next few weeks.


Finished just 8 miles on the treadmill while the target was 20. Need to get my acts together. With the snow storm worsening, highly unlikely I’ll be able to build any more miles in by EOD…Ughh.