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Response to Colin’s post

I really like your ‘how-to’ getting plugged posts, Colin! Always something to glean!
Most of the improvisations I make on my site have been pretty crude – I dice the meat in an mu-plugin (essentially a custom functions file) and leave it at that. I really need to work on better documenting or standardizing my code.

Getting plugged in – part 5: settings

What started as a quick update to split the plugin into parts (so that it wasn’t all one monolithic file) became quite a major one. My original plan was to move both hooks for updating the post content to separate included files – it hasn’t quite gone according to plan.

Reply to – It’s alive

I believe it might be something to do with the media endpoint. As a workaround, I use the dsgnwrks Instagram importer plugin which does a great job fetching posts from Instagram.

Responding to It’s Alive

I have WordPress with all the indie web fixings, using the SemPress theme. Not sure about viability. One important use case is Instagram crossposting here via OwnYourGram.

Response hooks

That’s an interesting take. I use the workflow app in tandem with some custom code to send reactions/responses to posts. WP has a pretty neat ‘workflow’ integration.

Essentially, I just map my post to the corresponding post kind using a custom field.

Responding to Sending likes and replies using custom fields

Historically, we would visit someone else’s site to leave a comment or click a like button. Sometimes these interactions would be held within their own site’s data but, frequently, they would be stored remotely – think Facebook Likes or Disqus comments.

Reply to ajaymreddy’s tweet – Ajay Mohan Reddy

ajaymreddy This is awesomeness! Responsibly milking tourism to retain/nurture culture is heavily under-stated.

Reply to vttwitty’s tweet – Viral Thakker

@vttwitty Always have whenever I’ve had the itch! Try not to get too deep though. Mostly do stuff that ‘gets things done’ and adds some quick functionality on things I use on an on-going basis.

Let’s catch-up sometime. Been a while!

Fetching knocks

Brilliant article, Chris! Had to tweak the code slightly to auto fetch my homepage Id, but worked like a charm! Also looking forward to your ‘read’ plugin!

Responding to @Mentions from Twitter to My Website

An outline of how I used Indieweb technology to let Twitter users send @mentions to me on my own website. You can tweet to my website. One of my favorite things about the indieweb is how much less time I spend on silo sites like Facebook and Twitter.

TARC tweet

@sriperinkulam Responding via workflow. Thoughts on Wapack?