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Longwood Station

A pleasure to see this station so empty. Something here is just so captivating.


The cloud runner has been spiked! These seem to give amazing traction. Need to figure out a way to keep them from rusting out so quickly though.


Orson Cometh!

Second major snowstorm for the season. So glad we invested in the snow tires. The brat was a beast on the roads.



Chilly 3.2 by the voir

Chilly 3.2 by the voir

Larz evenings

Larz evenings

Wondering if the froggie can work its magic #indieweb

Wondering if the froggie can work its magic #indieweb

Spring morning run

Kickass morning run!

Fort Lee Run


Todays’ morning 7 miler took me over the GWB to Fort Lee. Wonderful surprise right in the backyard! Just a couple of miles from the house, yet it took me about 1.2 years to do this. Wonder why! Interestingly, there were barely any people here 7am in the morning. Probably because of the Weekday?

Time to get the bikes down here and drive up to the Palisades!


Cleared the second Actuarial Exam today! Set the chopper as an incentive for me to pass some months back. Eventually grew out of it and was later gifted a fitbit by wifey. The chopper here was gifted by us to a roommate who’d cleared this exam earlier.

For some reason, this one exam took quite some effort to clear. Thrilled and am just not able to sleep. Here’s to the flight on a dark crystal night!

The Little Red Lighthouse


And then there was light

Shiny glimmers