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List of blogs I follow. Currently a place-holder till I find/develop a private feedreader. Should you want your web-link removed from here, shoot me an e-mail and I’d do the needful ASAP.

  1. Ajay Reddy
  2. Anoop Erakkil
  3. Chaitra Murlidhar
  4. Doug Belshaw [Open Badges]
  5. Kenneth Posner [SRT]
  6. Nate Shivar
  7. Prajna Vadlamani
  8. Ryan Barrett [IndieWeb]
  9. Scott Livingston [Wapack and Back]
  10. Siddhardh Nadendla
  11. Swaroop CH [Python | Automatic]
  12. Tantek Celik [IndieWeb]

  1. Kirupa [JS Basics]
  2. Markdown Basics
  3. Markdown Here [Markdown in e-mail]
  4. Python from scratch
  5. Javascript [CoreDogs]
  6. Pentaho Reporting [Open Source reporting tools]

  1. WP Anatomy [Yoast]

  1. Escarpment Trail Run [July | New York ]
  2. Shawangunk Ridge Trail [Sep 18/19 | New Jersey]
  3. Rock the Ridge [May 2 – Mohonk Preserve | New York ]
  4. Barkley 100  [ Frozen Head State Park | Tennessee ]


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