Enduro3 – 09

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  4. i really loved what you wrote and how you described your whole experience!i came to know about this race just after it got over!and i was really saddened by that!and wanted to know if i could participate for enduro3 2010!i really want to do this!not for any price just for a beautiful experience just as you described!i hope i get to participate in it!and that the procedures for enrollment are well organized!if you have the time please let me know if the procedures for enrollment was a head-ache for you or you got in without any difficulty!;)thanks alot!:)

  5. Great post, Srikanth!

    I totally agree with you on every word you say. I am still trying to calm down from the race, but the picture of the bikes on the truck just made me angry again.
    I have created a mailing list: [email protected] – let’s use this to share our thoughts and experience from previous races, and get prepared to the next one.
    We may be able to send a note to the organizers and help them make it a better event next time.

  6. Good blog dude! [:)] nice write up! and it was my team who u met on your way (female team mate down with difficulty in breathing!) and i was that third team mate who went for medical help!

  7. I just want to compliment you for your work on this blog. Excellent way to describe an event with pros and cons…i am sure you people had fun in this event. keep writing!

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