Ubuntu: BSNL Broadband Connection


My first post typed in from Ubuntu with it hooked to the net!!!

Just managed to configure the Broadband connection in Ubuntu!! Am on cloud nine, given the fact that I’d been struggling in vain for the past few months to get a few Linux flavours hooked on to the net. Believe me, There couldn’t be anything else that’s as simple as this!!

Here’s the trick ( if at all it could be called that!) for those novices ( obviously like me! ) who haven’t yet had luck configuring their systems.

1> Switch off your modem

2>Open the Network settings Dialog box ( System> Administration> Network)

3>Select ‘Wired Connection’ and click on the Properties.

4> In the ‘Connection Settings’ Menu select ‘Static IP ‘ type in the following values and save:

IP Address :

/* Assigning the Ethernet Card an IP different from that of the modem*/

Subnet Mask:

/* No idea why this value is always this :-) */

Gateway address:

/* The Modem is being made the default gateway*/

5>Switch on the Modem and wait for a few minutes for the values to get recorded.

6>In the Terminal ( Applications>Accessories> Terminal) type ‘sudo pppoeconf’

6>A window pops with a blue screen notifying that an ethernet device has been found. Just follow the on screen instructions till you reach the screen which asks you for your BSNL UID and PASS. Ping in the values (after deleting the text Username from the line) and you’re done!! :-)

I’ve still got to figure out how to disconnect from the n/w though that shouldn’t be a big issue…..

[Update: 22-Oct-09]

Just type the following commands in the terminal:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up

sudo route add default gw eth0

This could also do the trick.

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  1. nitin kakkar Reply to nitin

    Thanks a lot for your post , i am trying to connect broadband properly in ubuntu for last two months but could not get through , becuase some sites didi not open at all , and after setting with your post finally today it is working properly . Thanks again :) :)

  2. Sanjay Nadigar Reply to Sanjay

    thanx dude..will try, and ping will ping u back, if am thrown to errors…

  3. chetana Reply to chetana

    hello srikant i done acc. to ur post bt it did”t work
    i hav jst install ubuntu 11.04 nd am first time working on linux……
    so am absolutely uknown about how a connection of bsnl broadband made
    pls help me out from starting…

  4. Bhupendra Reply to Bhupendra

    hai buddy i need your help . i am using bsnl broadband connection. and in windows 7 i follow these setup
    1. my wireless connection is unsecured so first i connect wireless to my laptop then i make a broadband connection where i put username and password provide by bsnl then my connection is established.

    but in ubuntu my unsecured wireless connection is connect but i am not able to connect through internet.

    help me buddy my mail id is [email protected]
    help me

  5. milind Reply to milind

    for simple BSNL connection for ubuntu 10.4
    1.go on task bar
    2.right click on network
    3.edit connection
    4.click on DSL
    5.click on Add
    6.enter your Username:……..
    Service :BSNL

    • Bhupendra Reply to Bhupendra

      hai buddy i need your help . i am using bsnl broadband connection. and in windows 7 i follow these setup
      1. my wireless connection is unsecured so first i connect wireless to my laptop then i make a broadband connection where i put username and password provide by bsnl then my connection is established.

      but in ubuntu my unsecured wireless connection is connect but i am not able to connect through internet.

      help me buddy my mail id is [email protected]

  6. richie Reply to richie

    i’m using ubuntu 10.10 . how to connect bsnl broad band ?

  7. Bibhu Prasad Mohanty Reply to Bibhu

    I tried all that is instructed here. Nothing happened. My modem is broadband smartAX MT882. Connected to bsnl.
    Pleas help me.

  8. Rashmi Reply to Rashmi

    Am using UBUNTU 10.0. Am not getting how to go to Network option bec d network option doesn’t appear in system >> administration so i am not able to set DSL connection on it.
    Plz help me.

  9. Trike Motorcycles Reply to Trike

    ehternet cables are still the ones that i use for my home networking applications ‘.~

  10. Merry Reply to Merry

    i want how can i connect bsnl broadband to unix.

  11. Vaibhav Reply to Vaibhav

    what r those password and uid how to know ours .Thanks for this .

  12. Vaibhav Reply to Vaibhav

    i just got ubuntu 10.04
    anyways what password and username u r mentiong
    in step 6
    BSNL uid
    and pass
    please reply

  13. meena Reply to meena

    thanks for useful information. yet i have not try but i think this information should useful for me and it may works. but i felt some other problem with Ubuntu. when i use terminal it some time time ask for user password but dont accept any password means it dont allow further accessing .i try to write password but at 1 or 2 letters it say wrong password. can u help me .

  14. sohini Reply to sohini

    this is really gud method …… thanxs!!!

  15. Giri Murali Reply to Giri

    i think some feels difficulty in connecting bsnl broadband in Ubuntu is because they need some dialer software.We have no dialer software in Ubuntu.

  16. bdwankhede Reply to bdwankhede

    I have ubuntu 9.04 running on my system but i am unable to configure my broadband internet connection. when i runs pppoeconf on command line it gives error as

    “Sorry, I scanned 2 interface, but the access concentrator of your provider did not respond. Another reason for the scan failure may also be another running pppoe process which controls the modem.”

    Please help, i m newbie to linux OS….

    • atul Reply to atul

      hi friend i am also facing the same problem which u were facing to set bsnl broadband. so can u plz help me out to solve the problem i would be very thanksful to you.

  17. bach Reply to bach

    Thanks a lot for this post,

    It helped me get my bsnl connection in no time, and ditch winblows for ever ;)

  18. vivekrajan Reply to vivekrajan

    how to configure BSNL broadband INTERNET access with a username and password in ubuntu 9.10. The network settings are totally different from the previous versions…. I dont have a clue, but as of now am using ‘sudo pppoeconf’ to access, but cant be doing the same always…. it consumes time… How can i do it with a click on an icon?

  19. Saika Reply to Saika

    Hey thanks a lot… I was trying to figure this out.. This is the only place that provided a solution that worked.

    Now I am typing this from Ubuntu :-)

  20. sowmya Reply to sowmya

    thank you, tried all of the abv..the ifconfig ..it doesn’t work either..i figured out it is the incompatability with my ethernet card…i hav atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter an Realtek RTL8139 fmly PCI fast ethernet card….tried setting up a wireless connection..it says connection established: bsnl(0%)….guess i should try download and install drivers if any….

  21. sowmya Reply to sowmya

    hey guys landed up in this blog while googling for connecting to net on ubuntu(i’ve intalled the 9.04 version)…as said in a post by anuj saini…i do face the same prob..there i no option as every site says….go to:
    system==>administrator==>network instead wat i find is a ” networking tool”, that consists only IP, ping, traceroute etc such protocol, or i have this network connection option under sys->preferences which shows bsnl under wired tab but i don’t find any properties option at all
    what should i do?…tried the sudo pppoeconf cmd too..it doesn’t work either..

    • The system==>administrator==>network was available in the previous releases.

      Didn’t this work?
      sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up
      sudo route add default gw eth0

  22. sanbarta Reply to sanbarta

    the best way to use bsnl broadband is thru ethernet and bridge mode. if u dont have a ethernet card get hold on one, they are pretty cheap.

    after that if u have dhcp enabled just plug in the ethernet cable ur ubuntu machine shuld take care of the rest. If u dont have dhcp enabled u need to manually configure the network address, netmask and gateway.

    @ starting ubuntu
    ubuntu has evolved a long way from wen i first started using it some 4 years back. for one it has become much more user friendly.
    for all those who are starting ubuntu the first things ull notice are
    1. fast booting and shuting down time(boots less than 30 seconds falt even with hundreds of software)
    2. superior graphics ( aero pales in compariosn)
    3. faster file copy and all
    after that connect to interent
    go to systerm -> administration -> synaptic and enjoy ubuntu

    • Prof. Anil Sarwal Reply to Prof.

      Can you please guide how to set up ubuntu 9.10 in bridge mode for BSNL Broadband connection. The connection works in windows but does not work in Ubuntu 9.10 even after configuring the network connections, that is providing username and password in the DSL option in network settings.

      • Just type the following commands in the terminal:

        sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up

        sudo route add default gw eth0

        This should hook you up to the network.

  23. nikunj Reply to nikunj

    how to connect BSNL broadband over wireless network?

    I connect my BSNL router with Netgear wireless router by cable. And I am using this wireless connection in my laptop.

    When i create BSNL connection, I can only view eth0 device. I want wlan0 device in device interace.

    Plz. help me.

  24. nikunj Reply to nikunj


    My System> Administration> Network option is not in menu so i can’t able to seeting DSL connection.

    Plz. help me

  25. Mohamed Fasil Reply to Mohamed

    u can disconnect the connection using
    sudo poff -a

    the conection status can be checked using

  26. Prakash Reply to Prakash

    open a terminal and see the o/p of “sudo pppoe-discovery” to make sure that your broadband connection is working.
    I have a GLB-802C router and most of them are defective.currently , I am using a replacement as my first 802C was dead!

  27. Prakash Reply to Prakash

    use Ubuntu(Gnome) 8.10.Kubuntu is not really…!.and MANUAL PARTITION.Linux does not go with window$ partition names like a,b,c,d,e,f etc.instead it (SATA) /dev/sda1,/dev/sda2..etc .
    also ,do understand GNU/Linux partition:
    Hard drive device names – MEPIS Documentation Wiki

    Dataone is working fine with GNU/Linux.If you are using pppoe mode(router dialer) ,you need to configure dhcp to work for you.
    press ALT+F2 and insert “network-admin”(without quotes) and run. unlock it by giving your password.select the lan card and assign dhcp and router gw address.restart network .hopefully ,it will work.

    Bridge mode:
    How to connect broadband in Ubuntu Your Download Hut Of Technology
    pppoe mode:
    for Ubuntu :
    go to menu>System>Admin>Network .press “unlock” and give your login password. select the device eth0(wired network). click properties.tick on enable this device.select automaticipassignmode(DHCP).
    then ,open a terminal(in menu -applications>accessories>terminal).

    sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload

    Try Pinging a known site:

    ping -c5

    If it works ,your network is configured fine.
    Good Luck!
    also see:
    Ubuntu:Intrepid –

  28. @fahad
    ‘i have a d-link glb 802c modem and the problem is that i cant connect in windows..(dual shock).’ You seem to be contradicting your own statement. Does windows recognise your modem? Could be that there’s an issue with the modem itself.

  29. fahad Reply to fahad

    hell i even tried the 7.10 live cd but it showed exactly the same error….i switched off the modem and entered the command sudo pppoeconf it the same error…i thing ubuntu does not detect my modem

  30. fahad Reply to fahad

    when i enter the command sudo pppoeconf, it shows like this:
    I found 1 ethernet device:
    Are all your ethernet interfaces listed above? (If No, modconf will be started so you can load the card drivers manually).

    when i say yes then it starts detecting and then:

    Sorry, I scanned 1 interface, but the Access
    Concentrator of your provider did not respond. Please
    check your network and modem cables. Another reason
    for the scan failure may also be another running pppoe process which controls the modem.

    i have a d-link glb 802c modem and the problem is that i cant connect in windows..(dual shock)..i use ubuntu 8.04…..and all my modem cables are connected and the adsl light is stable…..and my laptop(ubuntu 8.04)shows the same error..

  31. unnikartha Reply to unnikartha

    thanks, this helped a lot. it works beautifully.

  32. @Gordon
    I’ve never really tried the wireless part. Shall let you know if I find any leads.
    Configuring BSNL broadband in Ibex is much easier.
    Edit the ip address in the ‘Wired’ tab of Network Configuration
    System>Preferences>Network Configuration
    and then hit your terminal and follow the regular process. You’ll be firing in a few minutes :)

  33. hima Reply to hima

    hi brother..pls help me…
    i had connected through this method earlier in my old version 8.04..n it was a big success..thanks for that!!
    now i hav upgraded to new version 8.10..but this methode is not workin in 8.10..wat to do?the prb is i couldnt find where to change the ip address!!

  34. Gordon Reply to Gordon

    Hi, mate

    Any good idea to connect internet via wireless broadband modem? It is extremmely easy on Windows but I have to give it up couple months ago on Ubuntu.



  35. anand Reply to anand

    hi man tried ur technique not workin im usin onboard ethernet card…and gettin da access concentrator error…cant ping default gateway either

  36. @Harish
    Whatever that works good for you ! :-)
    Glad this helped.
    Creating that shell script didn’t strike me :-) .Thanks for the tip!

  37. NA Reply to NA

    To disconnect, you have to open a terminal and type

    sudo poff dsl-provider

    If you want to connect again, type

    sudo pon dsl-provider

    What I do is I have saved the first command in a text file named connect.sh and kept it on the desktop.
    When I want to connect, I double click on it, and then choose “run in terminal.” It prompts me for the password in the terminal, and then connects.

    Same can be done for disconnecting.

  38. Vipul Reply to Vipul

    Thanks for your post…! it worked for me nicely…! thanks again..

  39. harish Reply to harish

    Tq for reply but in ur above said procedure u’ve not mentioned about DNS??i searched the net and added it as…is that ok?

  40. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    You may want to check and see if the MTU value is set right.It’s supposed to be at about 1492 i believe. This comes somewhere when you’re setting up the
    Try flushing the DNS. I’m not sure how much that would help though. :-)
    sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
    this link helps.

  41. Remshad Reply to Remshad

    Hey i bought BSNL 144 Kbps NIC card and am using Ubuntu, will anybody help me to configure NIC card in Ubuntu
    Card name:
    model no:EC321
    Connection mode:Via Usb

    These are the information i know , they gave us an installation for windows its not good,
    actually i call to bsnl office to configure for Ubuntu But they dont know

    Please Help me:Thank you for comment


  42. Remshad Reply to Remshad

    Hey i bought BSNL 144 Kbps NIC card and am using Ubuntu, will anybody help me to configure NIC card in Ubuntu
    Card name:
    model no:EC321
    Connection mode:Via Usb

    These are the information i know , they gave us an installation for windows its not good,
    actually i call to bsnl office to configure for Ubuntu But they dont know

    Please Help me:Thank you for comment

  43. Harish Reply to Harish

    tq very much..ur info was so useful to me.
    I followed your steps said above and it worked well for first time.But when i logged on the next day i’m unable to connect to the internet.Tried the entire procedure once again but of no use.
    Plz help me

  44. Sumanas Reply to Sumanas

    I just followed your steps and got connected. However, every 5-7 mins, I get disconnected and have to reconnect. Using plog I get a report saying: Modem hangup.

    Is there any way to resolve this?


  45. vivek Reply to vivek

    thanks for replying. but i do not have windows installed :(

    i can give you some specifics. the cable which connects to the laptop come from a common modem/router sitting at the top of builing. You telecom does not have their own software to configure the connection. They asked me to configure pppoe and i did that. However, even after that it is not able to connect.

    i know this clue is insufficient for you to help me. So i will get somebody’s windows laptop over the weekend and try the same on ubuntu.

    Again thanks.

  46. Probably if you could give me details on how you connect to the network in Windows ( As in User authentication/ direct connectivity/ Client login ). I could be of some help.

    If in case your service provider requires you to install a software to get connected, we’ll have to look for a work around for that in Ubuntu.

    I remember finding equivalents to Beam Cable’s 24online client a few years back. But You Telecom, I’m not really sure. Shouldn’t be a big deal though

  47. vivek Reply to vivek

    I am trying to install internet with You Telecom broadband connection.
    You telecom gives cable broadband. One modem sits at the top of building, which is wired to all customers computers in the buillding.
    Any clue as to how do I configure this to connect to internet?

  48. Taha M Asadullah Reply to Taha

    Thanks a lot…..thank you very very very much…
    it helped and i am doing great…
    thank you once again…
    you really rock!!

  49. innet Reply to innet

    Dear friend
    Thank u for helping to connect bsnl broadband in ubuntu.
    u have a big mind to help me

  50. Jithin Reply to Jithin

    sorry for the late reply,i swiitched from broadband to ethernet card and followed the steps on ubuntu india site,it didnt work well when i followed your steps,but their steps worked,
    thanks for the effort

  51. Sameer Reply to Sameer

    hey srikanth
    I have installed ubuntu some time back but im unable to connect to the net.In the network window,connections tab there is no option of a wired connection,instead there is an option of modem connection.Pls help me out.

  52. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    @ Jithin
    Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town and couldn’t check my blog.
    But for weekends, coming online is totally out of question.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you on the Oracle installation part.You may want to try out Wine for installing windows based applications on Linux. It works with a breeze but for a few restricted apps.

  53. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    and install oracle enterprise into linux?if yes how?if no any alternatives?

  54. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    is there any direct software for installing into linux?i mean this is quite complicated …u have to type commands and all that.

    anyways thanks for the effort

  55. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    in the document it said i need all this:

    “The pppd daemon, version 2.3.7 or later. If you are using demand-dialing, you need version 2.3.10 or later.

    For kernel 2.4, you need pppd 2.4. (These, and other required modules for Linux can be found at: http://www.rpmfind.net)

    A working Ethernet card.

    ADSL service, and an ADSL modem.

    You must be logged in as root to install and configure the software. If you are installing from sourcecode, you will need a complete C development environment installed (ie: compiler, make, linker, headers, libraries). GCC (GNU-C) is the most popular compiler for Linux, and can also be found on http://www.rpmfind.net or http://www.linuxapps.com, but most distributions of Linux come with GCC (or other compilers) installed already.

    Set up your Ethernet hardware (aka your Network Card [NIC])”

    i didnt understand the need for ethernet because i am using bsnl usb and bcos i am using ubuntu 7.10 i presume the others are already present in the latest version of ubuntu.so that means i dont need to do any extra downloading ,right?

  56. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    is there any time u can come in the afternoon online so we can chat and sort this out bcos otherwise this might take ages!

  57. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    so, all i need to do is just download copy this file into linux and follow the steps you previously told me?

    i’ll try that

  58. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    A bit of googling reveals that setting up BSNL broadband through USB in Ubuntu is a pain. Anyway, let’s see how far we can go.

    Did you get a message which had something like “access concentrator of your service provider failed to respond”?
    Probably you just need to update your drivers for the Modem to be recognized. I manged to get a set of drivers for your modem. You can access them HERE.
    This Rar’d file has detail how-to on installing a package in linux.So that shouldn’t be a problem. I suggest you do a bit of tweaking and get back to me with a log of the outputs. That’s the only way we can move forward.

    P.S : My domain would be down for maintenance on March14th form 05:00hrs to 17:00hrs

  59. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    i tried it but after pppcoenf it says found something but cannot scan the thing.I dont remember what the ‘thing’ is but i think u know what i am talking about!

    my modem is huawei smartax mt882

  60. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    @ Jithin
    As said above I’ve not used BSNL through USB till date. On a wider scope you may want to go through these steps to get things working though.
    1) Give the router the following values before you start off:
    IP address:
    Subnet Mask: 2555.255.255.0
    This can be done through System> Administration> Network
    2)Check to see if your drivers are up to date.Probably if you could give me your modem details and h/w details I may be able to help you out.
    3)Could you let me know what the following commands in the terminal give:
    a)Sudo pppoeconf-> Configuring the pppoe
    b)Sudo lsusb -> Believe this should help in seeing if the modem is being recognised by the system.

    • Anuj Saini Reply to Anuj

      hi, every says….go to:
      taskbar==>system==>administrator==>network but i’m not able to find such an option under adminstrator.
      its networking tool, that consists only IP, ping, traceroute etc such protocol.
      what should i do?
      i hv tried in both ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04.
      and while in gnome after avery setup at last…whne pon dsl-provider…
      it says…..only member of dip can use this command..
      its frustrating me….help me to emerge frm this.

  61. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    can u give tips to set up dataone usb ?i got no idea how to do it in ubuntu

  62. Jithin James Reply to Jithin

    can u give me the steps for bsnl usb?from the beginning bcos i am new to ubuntu

  63. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    Your welcome! Glad it helped! :)

  64. Biju Reply to Biju

    Thanks for the information.
    I have successfully connected using this method, and it is extremely fast !

    Thanks again

  65. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    @ Anonymous
    Sorry I had to address you that way, but then that was the way you preferred :-)

    1)There’s nothing in particular that you gain by using Ubuntu solely for internet.Well yes, if once you have some issues with connectivity in Windows, the live cd with an active internet connection proves to be a mighty tool.
    That said, Ubuntu is pretty bland without connectivity to the net. To exploit various features of the OS you need to be connected to the network!

    2)I’ve never tried connectivity through USB. It shouldn’t be much of an issue resolving it though. Ubuntu has evolved to be pretty much a layman’s OS of late.

  66. Ronald Reply to Ronald

    Hey man….

    Thanks for this..

    This could be useful.. I am trying to shift from Windows to Open Source.. Ubuntu.. Linux for human beings.. Thanks mate you rock :)..

    THough.. havent installed the it yet.. ( Waiting to get home and go through your article again and install it mate.)..

    Thanks again.

  67. anonymous Reply to anonymous

    sreekant i got a ubuntu live cd and a bsnl dataone connection
    1.what actually are benefit of using ubuntu for internet?
    2. i didnt got ethernet but i connect thru usb will there be any problem?

  68. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    Even if you were in Windows, you’d have to wait for a couple of minutes for the system to identify the modem. So i believe the same applies here too! :)

  69. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    Not really!
    All that you need to do is to switch on your modem .
    Type ‘sudo pppoeconf’ in the terminal. Enter the root password and just keep selecting yes. At one point of time it’ll ask you for your Username and Password. Just ping that it and keep saying Yes. You then shouldn’t be having any issues with connectivity.

    I’ve never used Kubuntu. It must be working on the same lines though.

    Yes! You can get yourself hooked to the net even in Live cd mode.

  70. VASUKi Reply to VASUKi

    Can we use the same trick in Kubuntu also?

    And, can we configure mode while using Ubuntu Live feature..?

  71. VASUKi Reply to VASUKi

    And, can we use the same trick to configure modem connected using USB Port..?

  72. VASUKi Reply to VASUKi

    Do we have to wait for few mins(given in step 5) everytime when we connect modem..?

  73. Srikanth Perinkulam Reply to Srikanth

    You need to use it to realize how good it feels! I’m sure with the way it’s developing into a full fledged, highly user friendly OS You soon will get to hear about Ubuntu from all spheres.

    Kudos to Mark Shuttleworth and his Team!!

  74. arvind Reply to arvind

    i have no idea what the whole post was about :P
    never used anything except windows :)

    • rajat Reply to rajat

      damn you arvind, if u don’t know what linux is, don’t post such comments

      • wanville Reply to wanville

        thanks for the broadband connection in ubuntu.. i tried so hard to do that before this.

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